About The Author

“The Milgram Victim” is the first published literature by Gabriel M. Gould. The Milgram Victim is a fiction story inspired by historical events and by accounts of the author’s family. Research has looked into the reactions of first generation of WWII and particularly Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren. Many first generation survivors tried to return to a "normal" life so much that they hid the past from their children. Second generation, and among them the writer, heard studies, red history books and then began asking questions. With sensitivity and retrospective diagnostic eye, the writer is plotting an interesting flow of events and development of the many characters. Having been exposed in childhood to the German culture helps the writer make the book real. As the plot thickens, the reader is slowly engulfed by the frightening world that as a naive young man growing up in the US was unaware of. Gould resides in the New Jersey with his family.